Social Justice Loses A Hero

Nelson Mandela was a man of intense bravery.  He showed grace and humility, love and kindness, leadership and stability.  A titan of social justice left us on December 5 and with his absence we are left looking back on the life of a man who proved that your past can help you make you stronger for your future.

People around the world mourned the loss of President Mandela who died at the age of 95.  Mandela was South Africa’s first black president and after being imprisoned for 27 years he served his term from 1994 to 1999.

Throughout his life Mandela was forthright about his view on the difference between politics and war.  In his eyes war could only be destructive.  Taking life and causing pain to a nation could only hurt.  But politics seemed creative.  They gave democratic reason to solve issues, appointing individuals who would remain accountable to the problem and hit it head on.  With these beliefs Mandela shaped an oppressed South African country into a better place.

While Mandela was deeply passionate about his politics he never came off as an individual seeking personal gain but only the social justice of a country, a race, and a unified people.  However, South Africa is now a nation in conflict once again.  With Mandela no longer present to continue his vision, corrupt successors have taken his place.  Mandela’s emphasis on schooling to help build a nation has taken a back seat to political gain and it seems children will not be afforded a decent education.

These conflicts imply a rocky future for the country.  Without the promise of adequate schooling it takes away the promise of economic prosperity and thus leaves a country in mourning in a challenging position.  How will South Africa move forward without Mandela?  Only time will tell.